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Lighting Effects

Layering is key for great home lighting. This enables you to create an atmosphere within interiors rather than just using it for practicality. Layer light by combining different types of light to create a certain mood, add versatility and even bring a room to life.

When it comes to lighting there is three main types. Ambient, Task and Accent.


General illumination. Ceiling lights are the best way to achieve this as they spread the light around a room.


Create pools of light to help you see. Ideal for helping you perform specific activities such as reading.


For aesthetic purposes great for allowing you to highlight certain areas or features of a room.

Floor and table lamps can be used for all three types of light; for example a floor lamp, depending on where positioned, can add to your ambient lighting, task lighting (e.g. a lamp for reading) and can provide accent lighting by highlighting an area.

An additional lighting effect is Decorative. For example buying a lamp to look stunning and create a statement, an additional benefit is that is emits light! Light ups also known as string lights, fairy lights or garlands, are another way to add decorative lighting as the product is intended to look beautiful with less focus on the lighting qualities.


Lighting By Room

Living Room

It’s best to use a combination of lighting to suit different activities such as relaxing and socialising.

Dining Room

Ceiling lights shining down onto tables can make a real impact. Floor and wall lights can be added to create atmosphere.


Consider lighting to help you in the dark if the main ceiling light is off, and areas where you may need additional light. For example bedside lamps and dressing table lights. Bedrooms are also perfect place for decorative lighting such as string lights.

Children’s Bedroom Lighting

Non-electrical ceiling pendant shades are ideal as they can easily be updated as children grow. Children’s table lamps should be child safe having a fully encased light bulb.

Hallways & Stairs

Bright, ambient lighting is needed to avoid accidents. Often hallways and staircases are naturally dark due to their location. Ceiling fittings with higher wattage, multiple fittings or ones that require several bulbs or wall lights for a secondary light are ideal.

Kitchen Lighting

Lots of light is needed for this location. Consider multiple ceiling fittings and wall lights. Be aware that lighting directly above the sink must have an IP44 rating.

Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting requires additional protection from moisture. If a light does not clearly specify that it is for bathrooms, assume that it is not.


Lighting Products

Ceiling & Wall

Ceiling lights are the best way to light up the whole room and provide ambient lighting. Almost every room has some form of ceiling and/or wall light.

Non-electrical Pendant Shades - Fit to your existing ceiling fitting. Non-electrical pendant shades are the easiest way to change your ceiling lighting. Non-electrical pendant shades allow you to simply fit shades to an existing electrical fitting and attach with a shade ring/skirt in a way you would add a normal shade. There is no need to wire up a fitting, transform a room in minutes with easy fit pendants.

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Pendant Ceiling Fittings (general) - Typical ceiling fitting hung from a cable. Wiring is required for all electrical ceiling fittings.

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Multi-arms and chandeliers - A number of lights coming from a single electrical fitting.

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Flush/Semi Flush Lights - Fitted directly to the ceiling so the are flush/semi flush. Perfect for low ceilings.

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Wall Lights - Fixed to walls, excellent for extra illumination or ambient lighting. Often used as a secondary light source.

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Rise & Fall - The height of these can easily be adjusted. Ideal for task lighting.

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Table and Floor Lamps

Table Lamps - Table lamps can come in a wide variety of different sizes, shapes and materials. They are a perfect way to accessorise a room and with so many styles available it’s easy to get lost in the endless options. To help narrow your choice, it is important to think of what the purpose of the lamp is (ambient, task, accent or purely decorative) along with the space you have available and what style would suit your interior. Shop products

Desk Lamps - Also known as task lighting. These lights make a perfect task light source due to having adjustable arms to focus the light. Shop products

Floor Lamps - Provide softer lighting for a homely glow. Often matching table lamps are available. Shop products


Not After Anything in Particular?

We have broken down our ranges into different categories to make browsing easier, just look in our menu for a category that you would like. Not after anything in particular and not sure what products you would like? We have added our best sellers and trending products for table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling fittings and pendant shades. Our best sellers are products that have consistently sold well throughout the year, while our trending products are products that have spiked in popularity this season, this could be due to current trends or that they are new products.


Bulb Information

Unless otherwise stated bulbs are not generally included in our lighting products. Always be sure to use the correct type and wattage of bulbs as indicated on the fitting.

Bulb Types - Products are generally either a Small Bayonet (SBC), Bayonet (BC), Edison Screw (ES) or Small Edison Screw (SES).

Bulb Wattage Information - NEVER exceed the wattage stated, this may cause lighting products to overheat.

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